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Xapify : A skills development platform, built for the unique needs of your deskless workers


Support the skills development of your frontline employees with the skills framework. Skills can be verified through peer or supervisor assessment, or self-assessed against a checklist. Employees can drive their own skills development by requesting skills verifications from approved colleagues.


Frontline workers can demonstrate their skills development through on-the-job skill assessments. Xapify training paths link learning content, on-the-job practice, and assessment, to skills development, automating complex workflows, and giving L&D departments visibility into progress.


Supervisors and managers are key contributors to the development of frontline staff. The dashboard gives busy supervisors an at-a-glance overview of their team’s skills and skills gaps. Employee development is always front of mind with the task list.


Enable frontline employees to demonstrate the application of their training. Digital observation checklists are quick to create and are ideal for recording on-the-job activities like processes, behaviors, and standard operating procedures.

Want to see Xapify in action? Schedule a live, customized demo for your team TODAY!

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80% of the Global Workforce is Deskless. That’s 2.7 billion of the global working population that doesn’t work behind desks. Deskless workers are spread across healthcare, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, agriculture, services, and more.

Xapiapps, Xapify’s parent company, was founded in 2014 with one goal in mind – to build a learning & skills development platform for the 80%. The people that learn on their feet, on-the-job.

Today we help organizations all over the world create training experiences for their deskless employees.

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Xapify is a unique skills development platform that is designed to bring the development of skills & certification out of the Learning Management System and into the workplace with an intuitive, mobile training experience. Some of the key features of Xapify are listed below:


With flexible support for organizational structure, job roles, locations, and permissions. Xapify is the market leader in the complex organizational features needed to manage the skills for a deskless workforce.


Quickly and easily help employees find the information they need in a curated library that is personalized for each user. Knowledge Boards can be used for self-paced learning, job-aids, procedures, and reference content.


Use in-person at pre-shift huddles and staff meetings to deliver training to staff. Training agendas to make sure the right content is delivered the right way. Record attendance to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Give busy staff, quick and easy access to learning content on any device. Learning content can be assigned or accessed via self-service at the moment of need.

Want to see Xapify in action? Schedule a live, customized demo for your team TODAY!

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Skills Development Platform

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Xapify - A skills development platform for the mobile workforce, delivering adaptive learning in real time, using mobile tools for managing skills, coaching, self-assessments, observations and just-in-time, on-the-job elearning, videos and microlearning.

Process workers, frontline workers, service staff, retail associates, etc. can’t use desk-based LMS training on the job. Xapify has developed the technology that delivers the coaching, demonstrations and observations to improve, meet and advance your business goals.

Xapify brings:

Agility - adapt to the uniqueness of the frontline learner and their learning environment

Continuous improvement - gain unprecedented visibility into skills adoption and field performance

Customization - to the needs of your industry and your unique business

Want to see Xapify in action? Schedule a live, customized demo for your team, TODAY!

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Hospital LMS Evaluation Checklist

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Download the Xapimed's whitepaper and evaluation checklist that will help you choose the right clinical competency system for your hospital. Thirty pages, packed with insights and checklists to educate and align your team as you gather and prioritize the purchase requirements for your Healthcare Learning Management System.

It covers the critical system needs for:
Administrators Nursing professional development Clinical educatorsPreceptorsNursesFloat nursesAttending physicians ResidentsGeneral LearnersCNE mangersAuditorsIT professionals
And use cases such as:
Nurse onboardingSkills fairsResidency programsRecertifications and annual refresher trainingMicrolearning

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Xapimed - Healthcare Learning Management System

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We had noticed a huge gap in the marketplace. While organizations across dozens of industries had a healthcare learning management system that they were more-or-less satisfied with, they lacked solutions for tracking and managing workplace skills, especially when safety was an issue, or in highly regulated industries. Six years ago, we built the first iteration of our app for on-the-job training.



We soon realized that hospital workers faced the biggest struggles. Making sure that nurses and physicians stay up to date with their skills is critical, and yet nurse educators didn’t have modern time-saving or visibility-enhancing tools. A dedicated application (pre-loaded with the assessments and checklists they needed) was simply unavailable to them. Because they had no application to track training, there was no data for immediate decision-making or long term strategy. Hospital education teams would piece together papers, spreadsheets, and online software that wasn’t built for their unique needs. We also felt emotionally drawn to the problems that hospitals face, because their performance affects lives.

Today, Xapimed is used by dozens of large hospitals across the US, and our mission to give time and valuable insights to educators is growing.


Xapimed Helps Hospitals Achieve:


- Give time back to the people who support clinicians


- Save millions of dollars a year in processing paperwork

- Provide data insights and innovation to educators

- Automate audit trail creation and storage


Xapimed is your daily go-to for tracking clinical skills. Start your FREE TRIAL today!


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Each year we release a report measuring our company's greenhouse gas emissions. Using the World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) — the most widely used international standard for greenhouse gas reporting — we review and share our findings for transparency, accountability and continuous improvement. In 2019, we found that the avoided emissions from Flogistix’s vapor recovery units (VRUs) were 732 times greater than their output.


FloSafe Keys are condensed versions of our safety manual — highlights that are most applicable for employees on a daily basis. These keys can include targeted training and branded materials that help employees keep policies top of mind and remind them that they are the “key” to Flogistix safety.


Flogistix technology is at the core of our company, and that includes our EHS program. Flux, our performance dashboard, monitors our Atmospheric Solutions equipment that is working to capture fugitive gas, decrease leaks and reduce on-site emissions. Our field service platform FloWorks stores each site’s job safety analysis (JSA) and sends real-time notifications if any employee encounters a potential or actual emergency. Our technology allows all reporting to be electronic — accessible to employees and customers alike.

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IMPROVED REGULATORY COMPLIANCE - Vapor recovery is the only fugitive gas solution that is both profitable and in compliance with state and federal air regulations, including Quad O. Flogistix vapor recovery units reduce emissions because they maximize operational efficiency while capturing potentially millions of tons of CO2e, making environmental stewardship an easy choice for sites of any size.

RUNTIME GUARANTEE - Our vapor recovery solutions have a 98% runtime guarantee. You can count on our compressor units to continuously deliver results for your site.

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Flogistix Vapor Recovery Solutions

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We’re the industry leader in vapor recovery — committed to making your wellhead more profitable and more responsible. Our proprietary vapor recovery technology helps capture and sell fugitive gas, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Vapor recovery is the process of capturing fugitive natural gas vapors through a compressor at the wellhead. These vapors are rich with natural gas liquids and have high Btu content, delivering premium value compared to standard natural gas. Using data analytics and targeted technology, we design vapor recovery solutions that maximize both your fugitive gas capture and your revenue.

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Benefits of Product Launch Template

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1. Create a Collaborative Product Launch Strategy -

Build a step-by-step product launch strategy and enable non-technical teammates to update your product experience as quickly as you ship.

2. Customize a Product Launch Template - 

Stay relevant and show users how to make the most of new features with personalized product update announcements. Start with Candu’s product launch strategy template, and customize it to suit each customer segment.

3. Improve Adoption - 

Candu’s analytics let you see what’s working and what’s not so you can fine tune your product launch steps for maximum adoption.