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Emergency Dentist Sydney

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What can I do for emergency dental treatment in sydney?

If you cannot get in touch with us please do the following. Take 2 x Nurofen (ibuprofen). Wait for three hours and then take 2 x panadol (paracetemol). Wait for three hours again and repeat the cycle. This will help you with the pain. Leave a message on our answering machine and we will contact you ASAP.

What is an emergency dentist?

An emergency dentist in Sydney looks after dental pain. A tooth ache that is either acute and sharp or has been there for a while and is continuous and dull result in the need for an emergency dentist in Sydney.

A tooth problem could arise at any hour of the day. You could wake up in the middle of the night due to a sharp pain or if you were to be a bit reckless in later hours of the day resulting in a tooth being chipped. An emergency dentist in Sydney is whom you would be seeking.

Chronic pain is usually too unbearable to withstand for even a few hours. Any type of movement will aggravate the pain and sleep is impossible. Waiting for it to heal on its own it typically not an option and pain killers only work for so long. If this scenario is the case for you, then head to an emergency dentist in Sydney immediately.

Why is there a need to see emergency dentists?

There are quite a few problems that could arise where you would need to visit emergency dentists. Below are the top three most common tooth emergencies.

Emergency Dental Problem 1 in Sydney - Toothache:

Toothaches can signify several problems such as

  • a. infection or the emerging of wisdom teeth
  • b. decay has reached the nerve and the nerve gets infected. This can cause a severe toothache.
  • c. Gum infection

The treatment varies from removal of the tooth or a root canal treatment. Even if the pain is bearable, it is best that you consult with an emergency dentist as soon as possible to prevent worsening of the condition. If you leave it alone for too long, the problem may be much harder to treat and will cost a lot more.

Emergency Dental Problem 2 in Sydney - Broken Tooth:

Although fillings and crowns are meant to last for a while, they can be damaged and weaken over time. The tooth itself can fracture due to eating hard foods or if there is any decay. When a filling is dislodged, you will feel an excruciating pain for a few moments.

It is best to seek an emergency dentist in Sydney to replace the filling soon to prevent future problems.

Emergency Dental Problem 3 in Sydney - Damaged Teeth:

This issue is quite common and is due to trauma of some type. A tooth can be saved if it is knocked out, but only if you get emergency dental work done within the hour. An emergency dentist will check for any possible damage to the gums or root of the tooth to find out if it can be reattached. If not, there are plenty of options available to make it seem it was never lost. A chipped tooth can be easily repaired as well.

Emergency dentists can handle all of the problems above and even more serious ones such as periodontal disease and tooth decay. Smile Concepts is an emergency dentist in Sydney available to those who need immediate work done at any time of day. If possible, please call in before coming so we can readily prepare for your case. Our professional dentists will address any problems you may have.

If you would like any further information on our Emergency Dentist Sydney then please call us on 9002 7474 (Sydney CBD) or 9002 7301 (Fivedock)