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Trump Marry


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Few industries face as rigidly regulated standards and as high stakes as healthcare. Of course, regulations are necessary for patient safety. Intense regulation, however, brings the challenge of compliance. To complicate matters, the industry’s regulations overlap with its most important resource —its people. 


As part of regulatory compliance, healthcare leaders need to continuously demonstrate that both new hires and long-time nursing staff possess up-to-date clinical skills. In the past, learning and certification were self-reported or manually reported by supervisors. Learning materials were located across several locations. Without a centralized system, it was easy for nurses and nursing managers to overlook deadlines. This resulted in non-compliance. 

This is where a learning management system (LMS) comes in. A Healthcare Learning Management System ensures that clinical skills are met by new hires and long-timers alike. It centralizes learning materials. It tracks progress and nudges nursing staff and managers to meet certification deadlines. An LMS for healthcare centralizes compliance management into one single interface, offering streamlined tools and trackable methods to deliver mandatory learning.